<p>Hello everyone, My name is Lee Adams, I am currently in the start-up phase of a sports car manufacturing company called Melleen Automotive Group, and I currently live in California. My background is in manufacturing and product design. However, marketing and business development are the ingredients that I am missing […]</p>

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About Us

Melleen Automotive Group was founded by aerospace engineer, Lee Adams. Creating innovative designs by deriving inspiration from the aviation industry, Melleen Automotive Group utilizes manufacturing techniques and standards from the aviation/aerospace industries, creative and original designs, and Melleen proprietary manufacturing & assembly processes. Construction techniques developed in the early days of the Douglas DC-3 and Boeing 707 are still used in modern-day aircraft. Melleen uses these time-tested techniques to allow a sensible bottom-line without sacrificing safety or quality. In addition, we bring the hand-crafted feel back to the automobile.

Our Process

From concept to production, we begin with the end in mind. Through cutting edge design strategies, the manufacturing process is refined and streamlined. We design and manufacture efficient innovative products.

Design and Development

We engineer our products with consideration for every nuance; the no stone unturned approach is used when developing any Trac-Hybrid Systems product. Through this extensive process, we ensure the highest quality product is made with the most efficient, innovative manufacturing techniques


Trac-Hybrid Systems prides itself in manufacturing expertise. Lean concepts are the driving force creating a highly proficient and accurate manufacturing process. The design process ensures each step in the manufacturing has been modernized into the most efficient process available.



To be the dominate force in new hybrid technology through applied innovations and lean principles

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Lee Adams - founder/ceo

Aerospace Engineer by trade, Lee Adams has been designing and developing products for the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries for over 25 years...

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