Archive for Month: January 2015

Back to the Partner Search…

Well, it’s that time again! Every so often I need to put the feelers out to look for that partner or team that wasn’t out there just a few months ago. I have had quite a few people offer their assistance this last year or so, but very few have […]

Hood Plug Construction

As I continue to Plug away, I have been working on the hood plug for the last half of my holiday vacation, and I am so pleased with the Topographic Plug Construction that I came up with. Without having access to a CNC router or milling machine I am finding […]

Successful Infusion… Almost!

I had a minor setback – the left nose section mold not releasing from the plug which resulted in major damage to that plug. After rebuilding the plug and mold, I was able to produced a nearly perfect part. There were a few spots of “bridging” in the tight corners; […]

Learning process…

As I find myself getting deeper into the molding process, I have been repeatedly reminded about the risks of cutting corners. What I am learning is: Taking shortcuts will always bite you in the ass later , and you will ultimately spend more time and money repairing what you should […]