Melleen in Austin!

Hello everyone! About 4 months ago, my family and I packed up and moved to Austin from San Diego, and I have brought with me a startup sports car company called Melleen Automotive Group. I am currently building the Hyperon track car prototype, but I need to recruit a like minded […]

Almost Setup In Our New Town…

After many, many months of up-rooting a family and selling our home, we are finally moved and getting settled into our new home in Austin ,TX.  It’s time to get back to working on the Hyperon! Here are a few pics of the Hyperon in our new town, enjoying a […]

Rendering Power…

I have been experimenting with some different rendering techniques.

Name that Track!!

Who can tell me the location or name of this track? It could be a fake track created for rendering purposes, but it looks like it is somewhere in the southwest United States. I was thinking maybe Inde Motorsports Ranch or Chuckwalla Raceway???