Body Panels…

For the past month, I have been designing and fabricating the molds to create the carbon fiber body panels. My first attempt yielded a usable nose section but it was also a learning experience. I realized I could improve my technique. I used an egg crate design and it proved to be very time consuming on the fabrication end. It took about about 25 hours to make just the one section.

I used a construction technique I call "Topographic Mold Construction" on the remaining nose component plugs,  this time I was able to complete both plugs in about 5 hrs.

Using this  "Topographic Mold Construction" I feel pretty confident that I will be able to hit my deadline to complete the body panels by April of 2015. I am planning on showcasing the MSR-1 in the Longbeach Grand Prix, Lifestyle Expo if I can have everything ready in time. 

If you would like updates about the progress of the MSR-1. Follow me on twitter @Melleen_AG