Business Development

Almost Setup In Our New Town…

After many, many months of up-rooting a family and selling our home, we are finally moved and getting settled into our new home in Austin ,TX.  It’s time to get back to working on the Hyperon! Here are a few pics of the Hyperon in our new town, enjoying a […]

Name that Track!!

Who can tell me the location or name of this track? It could be a fake track created for rendering purposes, but it looks like it is somewhere in the southwest United States. I was thinking maybe Inde Motorsports Ranch or Chuckwalla Raceway???

Lay-up of the Hyperon Mirror Mold

You would think that creating a small mold for the side mirrors would be simple and straightforward. It definitely required some new molding techniques that I had not yet acquired. I must say, it threw me a few curve balls! It’s a good thing that chopped mat is cheap and […]

Composite Hood Infusion Complete…

Well, it’s been a long time in the making, but I have finally completed the infusion process for the composite hood on the Hyperon prototype! The only thing left is to apply the clear coat and mount it to the chassis. I hope to add the windshield and composite mirrors […]