Hood Plug Construction

As I continue to Plug away, I have been working on the hood plug for the last half of my holiday vacation, and I am so pleased with the Topographic Plug Construction that I came up with. Without having access to a CNC router or milling machine I am finding this a really easy way to control the shape and maintain symmetry of the plugs. It is still quite a bit of work to hand-shape these things, but what is the saying...? "If it was easy everyone would do it."

So, I'm a little bit behind on the timeline that I created to meet my deadline of April 17th (Long Beach Grand Prix). I'm hoping that, since I am getting more comfortable with these composite construction processes, I will be able to make up some ground in the weeks to come.

As my vacation time comes to an end, I was able to get the hood plug to a great stopping point. The only thing left on this plug is to apply the tooling gel coat, sand, and polish. This is going to be a great component to have complete as it will finish off the front of the MSR-1 - at least the outer most panels.

Stay tuned for updated photos...