Successful Infusion… Almost!

I had a minor setback - the left nose section mold not releasing from the plug which resulted in major damage to that plug. After rebuilding the plug and mold, I was able to produced a nearly perfect part. There were a few spots of "bridging" in the tight corners; otherwise it was almost perfect. I am finding that it may have been a bit ambitious to start with such a complex set of shapes for my very first attempt at composite infusion. However, it has helped me grasp some of the more advanced techniques, and it should make the larger, less shapely components much easier when I get to them.

I have realized every step of the way has it's need for attention to detail-  the plug, mold,  fiber layup, and bagging. One missed step or step completed without the proper attention to detail will result in a flawed finished component.

Stay tuned for an updated post of the complete nose assembly, mounted to the chassis, I will continue with the remaining body panels until I have a complete MSR-1 body, then circle back to replace blemished components used early on in my learning process.

Onto the hood and windshield assembly...